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Business Insights, Geospatial Intelligence, Mapping, and Image Analysis

Business Insights

Gaining a business advantage from geospatial information.

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Geospatial Services

Creating GIS, Business Planning, and Asset Management.

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Producing accurate Cartographic & Thematic Maps, Spatial Visualization.

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Remote Sensing

Detecting, recognizing, and interpreting features on imagery.

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Collecting current information and providing Decision Support.

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Business Insights

Gaining a Business Advantage

  • Market planning
  • Site selection
  • Customer segmentation
  • Comparative analysis
  • Opportunities

Analysis for Discovery and insights

Visualization to Communicate location intelligence

Critical Thinking to analyze a business problem

Present Solutions for decision making


Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT)

GEOINT – information derived through interpreting imagery, imagery intelligence, and geospatial data.

  • Extract critical information
  • Predictive analysis & cognitive solutions
  • Effective and timely – open source – GEOINT

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Asset Management & Planning

  • System of recording assets:
    • Inventory
    • Location
    • Notes
    • Reports
  • Map + GIS + Dashboard
  • Relational database with dynamic features
  • Planning & life cycle management

Geospatial Services​

Geospatial Applications using Imagery + Scripting + Analysis

  • Customer needs
  • Situation & situational awareness
  • Critical thinking to analyze a spatial problem
  • Predictive analysis to identify likely places where a similar event may occur

Mapping - Cartography

Accurate Cartographic & Thematic Maps

  • Dynamic scale land cover mapping
  • Agriculture, environmental, terrain analysis
  • Change detection, disaster management, photo interpretation
  • Business planning
  • Update map features with timely coverage and revisit periods

Spatial Visualization

Visualizing Geospatial Data & Statistics

  • Analytical tools to identify patterns and trends
  • Accuracy tests to ensure reliability
  • Making decisions with reliable and discernable data visualization

Remote Sensing

Acquiring and interpreting spatial data & imagery from ground, aerial, or satellite sensors.

  • Panchromatic and multispectral imagery
  • LiDAR, Infrared radiation
  • Aircraft and unmanned aerial systems (UAS)
  • Commercial and civil, open source satellite data

Imagery Analysis

Detecting, recognizing, identifying, and interpreting objects & features on imagery.

  • Electro-Optical Change Detection
  • Digital elevation modeling
  • Feature classification and Land use mapping
  • Electro-Optical Change Detection
  • Digital elevation modeling
  • Feature classification and Land use mapping

Operations, Reporting & Situational Awareness

Decision Support Tools

Collecting Current Information


Situation Analysis & Site Surveys

Operations Dashboard:

  • Imagery
  • Current Information
  • Available Assets
  • Needs
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